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Natan D'Sampa is Brazilian and from São Paulo, he has been working in his studio as a visual artist for over 30 years. Influenced by contemporary art, the artist creates works ranging from realism to the surreal, with features and silhouettes of everyday life, using the colors of the city of São Paulo, offering the viewer a surprising composition. The union of red, white and black colors generated the visual identity and theme for which the artist is known.

Natan, worked in parallel for many years in the advertising market as a designer, emancipating his artistic work. During that same period, he began to invest in his first paintings and decided it was time to take on a new challenge and delve into the in-depth study of two artistic contexts that fascinated him: urban art and medieval art.

Fascinated by the art world, mainly by the techniques of the great master painters, and inspired by Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo, he acquires knowledge through courses, trips and in painting studios where he can improve his drawing, technique and creativity. Since then, his art has embarked on a path of unique beauty, and his works have come to be recognized and sought after all over the world.

The artist's work is based on the acrylic on canvas technique - contemporary figurative realist and surrealism styles - through an artistic language intrinsically related to sensation. The dialogue between classical art and contemporary art, which characterizes his work, is related to what can be conceptualized as "imaginary/fantastic realism", the meeting point of the real/concrete world and the world of dreams, the its own interiorization, emotions and perspective possibilities.

Since 2019, the artist has participated in group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad and has won numerous awards in his category. He disseminates his work through galleries in Brazil and Europe and has his work cataloged in Brazilian and foreign art publications. His work has been exhibited with great interest in important salons and galleries in Paris/France, Barcelona/Spain and will soon arrive in Rome.

Natan D'Sampa brings a keen artistic sensibility to his compositions, giving life and vitality to his timeless figures in a judicious relationship between the classic and the contemporary. Above all, he is a naturally skilled artist. His work is also intrinsically linked to emotion, with a personal language and a thematic axis that addresses all aspects of contemporary life in a poetic and captivating way.

Exposição: Convergência: Duas Correntes Artísticas

Realização UP Time Art Gallery


A arte surrealista e a arte medieval são duas correntes artísticas que, à primeira vista, podem parecer bastante diferentes. Entretanto, ambas têm em comum a busca por explorar o mundo da imaginação e da fantasia, transcendendo a realidade. Essa convergência pode ser vista em diversas obras de arte contemporâneas, como as do artista Natan, que combinam elementos das duas correntes.


O artista, ao longo de sua trajetória artística, se dedicou intensamente à arte medieval, o que é evidente nas peças expostas na exposição. Porém, ele também incorporou em seu trabalho elementos do universo surrealista, criando uma combinação fascinante. A exposição apresenta obras de Natan que abrangem dois períodos distintos, e é uma oportunidade única para compreender a influência da arte medieval na obra do artista. As obras expostas são belas e complexas, evocando figuras atemporais.


A mistura de estilos e épocas torna a mostra ainda mais rica e interessante, proporcionando uma experiência enriquecedora e diversificada para o visitante. Ao unir essas duas correntes artísticas, o artista cria uma nova forma de expressão que explora a imaginação e a fantasia de forma única e original. 

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